Welcome to Project Opportunity.

Your future awaits.

We believe an investment in the next generation is an investment in our communities, cities, economical infrastructure, in which every student has the opportunity to participate.

What is Project Op?

Our goal is to create an opportunity for tech industry professionals to invest in their future employees by partnering with the CodeNow alumni as well as students, teachers and parents to provide an introduction to STEM and foster a strong, progressive learning environment.

Why do we need it?

Take a look at this comparison between Seattle and Detroit. Seattle is known as a booming tech hub, while Detroit is historically underfunded.

These are the graduation rates in Detroit in Seattle. As you can see, the difference seem that big. Unfortunately, some students in Detroit have reported receiving their diploma for as little as just showing up.

As you can see on the maps and graph, Seattle has more than double the resources available to students in Detroit. Programs like Girls Who Code that are relatively accessible still lack implementation in Detroit, but thrive in Seattle. It's important that we focus on this discrepancy and aim to eliminate it altogether, or at least boost participation and resources of existing programs. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to get involved in tech.

Key: GWC Clubs | GWC Summer Programs | MakerSpaces | STEM to STEAM